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Our mission is to transform Teq2Web into a prominent software hub rooted in rural areas, empowering the brilliant minds in our villages to access job opportunities without the need to migrate. This endeavor mirrors the efforts of companies like Zoho, and we’ve been dedicated to this mission for the past four and a half years.

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We started our journey in the year of late 2019 with three young engineers. Since then we saw growth with the vision of our leader Mr.Ramakanta Chandra (Founder teq2web). Teq2web which once used to develop small desktops and web applications now serves big corporates such as Rashmi group, Bansal Cement, RK Honda and many more. With a presence in more than 10 different sectors teq2web still growing and we believe the sky is the limit for us.
Teq2web is completely a bootstrap company that means till now it hasn’t receive any external funding or loans. With more than 12+ employees and 500+ happy customers, teq2web is trying to make a footprint in big cities as well

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Ph: +91 9874693810
Ph: +91 9907367627

Sabang, West Bengal,
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