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There are many companies offering cheap and efficient bulk SMS Services in India. You can register with us and send Bulk SMS Online to several people across India in matter of minutes. We offer software tools for sending messages to several people, all at once. Messages can be sent to all of them by loading list of numbers into the web interface. Anyone can register with us and start SMS marketing almost instant. We provide you with a Bulk SMS Gateway which supports almost all mobile carriers whether CDMA or GSM. We provide bulk sms with API, Sender ID's & delivery reports which gets updated almost instantly. Some of the common interfaces provided by Smshorizon, a Bulk SMS Service Provider to users are the Web Interface, Excel plugin to send SMS from Excel Sheet, & API to integrate seamlessly with your software. Protocols such as SMPP, HTTP, XML are supported by us with each having its own distinct advantages View Rates

  • we provide only transactional SMS.
  • Transactional sms are those kind of sms which is used to send time critical sms.
  • There will be customer ID.
  • Transactional sms can be sent to DND activated numbers also.

Rate Chart

SMS Pack Rate/SMS(Ps) Validity Total Order
40 SMS Free Trial - 15 Days Free
1,000 SMS Rs.1 1 Year ₹ 1,000
2,000 SMS 75 Ps 1 Year ₹ 1,500
5,000 SMS 50 Ps 1 Year ₹ 2,500
10,000 SMS 40 Ps 1 Year ₹ 4,000
25,000 SMS 28 Ps 1 year ₹ 7,000
50,000 SMS 26 Ps 1 Year ₹ 13,000
1,00,,000 SMS 24 Ps 1 Year ₹ 24,000
Looking for higher volume? Call us on +91-9874693810

Our Awasome Features

  Most User Friendly Interface

  Customized Sender ID

  Lighting fast Delivery in ~10 Seconds

  100% Delivery on Active Numbers

  Send Scheduled SMS

  Upload from Excel file

Download Sample API File

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